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Competition rules

  1. The kite flying segment must be between 60 and 90 seconds in length, inclusive.  Intro and outro titles are excluded from this time limit, but please ensure that titles are less than 10 seconds. A 20 second introduction is too long.
  2. Ensure that your kite starts on the ground with both wingtips touching the ground prior to the launch. The video may end with the kite on the ground or in the air - both are acceptable.
  3. Ensure that your kite stays in frame. Momentary disappearances are acceptable, however extended periods off screen or repeated occurrences may be grounds for rejecting a video by the organiser and can be expected to incur a discretionary score penalty from the other entrants.
  4. Ensure that the final rendering of your video entry is at most 30 Megabytes in size. Also check that your video is playable by the current version of VLC media player; if the video does not play, the entry will be rejected by the round organiser.
  5. By participating in a VF round, you agree to score all other participants' entries in a timely manner. A participant will be disqualified from the current round if his/her scores have not been received by the scoring close date.