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Hints and tips

Some hints and tips for entrants:

  • If using a tripod mounted camera, try using longer lines (e.g. 100') to set the kite further back and give yourself more in-frame flying space.
  • Set the camera so that only a small amount of the ground is in-frame - the aim is to try and maximise the amount of sky available to keep the kite in-frame!
  • Set your video camera to "infinite focus" if it has such a setting. This will avoid the kite going in and out of focus as the camera tries to adjust to its movement.
  • Record your video in the highest possible quality that your camera allows. YouTube will manage the quality of your video once you have uploaded it to your account.
  • If YouTube flags your video due to music copyright claims, replace the music with royalty and attribution-free music from the Youtube Audio Library and re-submit.
  • If possible, shoot your video on a clear sunny day - a bright blue sky serves as a positive backdrop for your flying.