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How to enter

First, familiarise yourself with the competition rules and wait for a round to be announced if one is not already running.

Next, video record yourself flying a kite. Choose a continuous, unedited 60-90 second sequence of flying and produce a video of this segment.

If you don't already have a YouTube account, you will need to create one to submit your VF entry. 

Upload your video to YouTube, set the Visibility to 'Unlistedand set the Audience to 'No, it's not made for kids' (so that the VF administrator can create a playlist of videos for the round). Give the video an informative title. For example, if you are John Smith from the USA and you're entering VF Round 38, set the title of your YouTube video to VF38 - John Smith - USA

Copy the Youtube link for your Unlisted video and paste it into the online form on the current round page, along with the rest of your entry details. Do not publish the link to your video in any other avenue before the full set of entries has been published by the VF organiser. The competition relies on every participant's entry remaining private until the scoring phase begins.

If YouTube flags your video as unavailable in some regions due to music copyright claims, replace the music in your video and re-submit your entry. Consider using royalty and attribution-free music from the Youtube Audio Library. Multiple entries from the same participant will be accepted, with the most recent submission taken as the final entry.

Submissions must be received by the closing date of the round. The entry submission form will only be visible for the entry phase of each VF round; once the entry closing date passes, the form will no longer be displayed. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Shortly after the entry date has passed, the set of video entries will be reviewed and made available by the round organiser. Participants will be emailed a scoring sheet document.  Review the videos and complete the scoring sheet by entering scores for everyone else's entry.  Return the completed score sheet to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the scoring deadline.

Within a week of the scoring deadline, check back at the news page of the results. Regardless of where you place, bask in the glory of having participated in VF!