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Important dates

Round start date: 18 February 2024

Entry closing date: 30 April 2024

Scoring closing date: 8 May 2024

VF40 art


The full set of VF40 videos can viewed in a separate tab/window as a YouTube playlist. The score sheet is available separately here.


The results of this round are:

Name Position Raw score Normalised score
Felix Lange 1 185.7 100.00
Carlo de Rond 2 170.4  91.76
Alex Belov 3 159.0  85.62 
Ronald Kuijpers 4 158.6  85.41 
Garajau Seixal 5 154.7  83.31 
David Hearn 6 149.4  80.45 
Nicola Di Lello 7 142.2  76.58 
Ion Kite 8 141.7  76.31 
Aymeric Figureau 9 127.5  68.66 
Andre van den Brink 10 126.5  68.12 
Torrey Lindemann 11 116.6  62.79 
Jesse Kapsten 12 115.6  62.25 


  • VF40 mug with colour matching interior and handle, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the round winner.
  • "Koala Club" plush toy (sporting VF40 merch!) with LED lit eyes, storage bag and instructions, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the winner of a "VF40 fan favourite" Facebook group poll.
  • VF40 money box, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the winner of a "VF40 best video production" Facebook group poll.
  • VF40 fridge magnet, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • Mugen Kites lineset bag, generously donated by Mugen Kites, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • Open Source Trick Kites (OSTK) T-shirt, generously donated by IckyTV, awarded randomly across entries that use an open source kite design.
  • Postcard with personalised message and Aussie souvenir. Two to be awarded, randomly across all entrants.

VF40 prizes

VF40 mainset 02 resized

Mugen Kites lineset bag

Mugen Kites lineset bag

VF40 scores due 8.5.2024 12:00 VF40 scoring closed!