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Q: Who runs Virtual Freestyle?

A: Virtual Freestyle is a volunteer-based competition run by enthusiasts of the freestyle kiting scene.  At present, Adrian Bickerstaffe is the competition organiser.


Q: How much does it cost to enter?

A: Entries to Virtual Freestyle are free.


Q: A round is not currently underway - when is the next round going to start?

A: A new round will usually start within several months of the previous round's closing date.  Naturally, this also depends on the time available for the competition organiser, so please be patient and understanding if news is sparse.


Q: I have some video footage for an entry, but the kite moves out of frame at times - can I still use the footage?

A: Taken from the competition rules: "Momentary disappearances are acceptable, however extended periods off screen or repeated occurrences may be grounds for rejecting a video by the organiser and can be expected to incur a discretionary score penalty from the other entrants."


Q: Does X count as an in-flight video edit?

A: The answer is: "probably".  Generally, we advise that the kite flying section (excluding intro/outros) does not have any effects applied to the video at all.


Q: I have a high quality rendering of my video but it's over 30MB in file size.  Can I submit that as well as a version that's within the 30MB limit?

A: No, please submit only the version within the 30MB limit. We allow a 10% leeway on the size of video entries, meaning that the absolute maximum allowable submission is 33MB. Although previous rounds sometimes accepted video submissions larger this limit, the rule on file sizes will not be bent in future rounds.


Q: My video file is too large - what can I do to make it smaller?

A: Try using a video transcoding tool such as HandBrake.


Q: A video won't play on my computer - what can I do to view it?

A: Try downloading and installing VLC media player.  It's free, available for the most common operating systems, and we've found that it's very versatile.


Q: I entered the current round but my score sheet will be quite late / unsubmitted.  What happens?

A: Virtual Freestyle rounds are run to a fairly tight schedule, so unfortunately, significantly late score sheets will mean disqualification of your entry from the round.


Q: What is the difference between the raw and normalised scores, and how is the normalised score calculated?

A: Raw scores represent the sum of artistic and technical points awarded to an entrant.  The raw scores are then normalised such that the entrant with the highest raw score is awarded 100 points.  The normalised score for a raw score of s_i is  {{s_m}/{100}} * s_i, where s_m is the largest raw score of all entrants.


Q: Two entrants appear to have the same score, but one is ranker higher than the other. How is that decided?

A: In these cases, there will have been decimal places present in the raw score that are not shown in the results table.  In the event that two or more entrants do actually achieve the same raw score, the placing will be shared equally amongst the tied competitors.


Q: Who determines what prizes are offered for each round and how they are awarded?

A: Since Virtual Freestyle is a free competition, prizes are made possible by generous donations from people and companies within the kiting scene.  The donor of each prize has final say in how the prize is awarded, however he/she may also elect to leave the decision up to the competition organiser, or make it an "entrants' choice" type of prize.


Q: I would like to donate a prize for a VF round - who do I contact?

A: That's great!  Please email the competition organiser at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Q: Is there a place to discuss VF rounds, present and past?

A: Yes, please visit the Virtual Freestyle section of the Fractured Axel forum.  You don't need an account to view the posts, but you will need to make an account to participate in discussions.  For those with a Facebook account, we also have a Facebook group.

VF37 scores due 14.10.2020 12:00 VF37 scoring closed!