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VF32 videos available

Lots of support for the return of Virtual Freestyle with a total of 24 entrants for Round 32!

I have been lenient with respect to disqualifications:

  1. Two videos had an IN->OUT duration that was over the 90 second limit by more 5 seconds, so I trimmed the end off the flying segment to bring it to 94.5 seconds (90 seconds + 5%).
  2. Two videos have noticeable out-of-frame moments, but I don't believe these entries gained any significant advantage from it.
  3. A few videos do not start their routine with the kite's wingtips on the ground.

My attitude is to let the entrants' scores determine how much points 2) and 3) matter. If you strongly believe that an entry gained advantage from an out-of-frame or non-compliant launch, adjust your scores for that entry accordingly.

Head on over to the round details page to see the entries.

Entrants, please submit your score sheet via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the 14th December.

VF38 entries due 31.5.2022 12:00 VF38 entries closed!