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It's time for...VF35!

Virtual Freestyle returns with style in Round 35! This round will be open a little longer than usual because of the way it runs through the holiday and new year season. The round is already shaping up to  be an exciting one, with lots of support from our Facebook group and some superb prizes on offer. The top prize this round is a FlyKites Voyager 0.8 indoor/outdoor glider (pictured below).

FlyKites Voyager 0.8

Special thanks to VF's artist Rufus who has once again created some great promotional artwork! VF merchandise can be purchased from Rufus' Society6 online store.

Don't forget that there were some rule amendments following VF33 - please be mindful of the changes when putting together your entry!

VF35 Poster

VF37 scores due 14.10.2020 12:00 VF37 scoring closed!