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VF36 entries released

A set of 12 superb entries for VF36 is now available at this location! Great to see some names from the very early days of VF making a return to the competition. The overall quality of flying continues to improve with each new round - good job all!

A few notes for those scoring:

  • The flying segments of Antonio Contratista and Kostantin Ratsos run beyond 90 seconds. When scoring all entries, consider only the first 90 seconds of flying.
  • The entries of Todd Turner and Wouter Eskens have moments where the kite is out-of-frame. While these are honest mistakes, scorers might elect to penalise the entry's scores at their discretion.
  • Gabriel Barrionuevo begins his routine with a yoyo launch which is within the rules because the move begins with both wingtips on the ground.

Entrants, please download the VF36 score sheet and return it (with your name in the filename) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.

VF40 entries due 23.4.2024 12:00 55 Days