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VF38 videos released

VF38 entries have now closed and we have 12 entries to enjoy! Click through to the current round page to view the YouTube playlist and choose your favourites. It looks like the new self-hosted YouTube format is working well.

Entrants, please remember to download and complete the score sheet, and return it via email to vThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This round, there are some instances of the kite going out-of-frame, however nothing of obvious concern, re: edits. As always, it is up to the scorer's discretion to penalise rule infringements as they see appropriate. In your penalisation, please consider whether the entrant is a seasoned VF competitor or a first-time entrant. Leniency for new entrants is advised, but it's ultimately your decision.

Thanks to everyone who entered - good luck!

VF39 entries due 4.4.2023 12:00 64 Days