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VF39 entries are up!

VF39 entries have closed and we have a wonderful set of 17 videos to feast our eyes on! A superb variety of style and execution, with some new faces, and a few faces from VF rounds gone by. Head on over to the current round page and set aside 30 minutes of quality time to view the YouTube playlist. Which entries were your favourites and why? Let's discuss on the Facebook group.

Entrants, remember to download the VF39 Score Sheet and return it via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Some entries have instances of the kite going out of frame, and at least one begins without both kite wingtips on the ground, but there is nothing calculated or worthy of disqualification. You are free to penalise your scores for rule infringements, as you see fit. I encourage scorers to be lenient towards VF newcomers and sympathetic to fliers who faced challenging conditions. Consider the whole situation in applying penalties, but ultimately it is your decision.

Thanks to everyone who entered VF39 - it's your participation and community spirit that makes our competition great!

VF40 scores due 8.5.2024 12:00 VF40 scoring closed!