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VF34 scores released

The results of VF34 are now available - some very, very narrow margins between the top placings and middle of the pack! Great to see everyone's flying progression over the rounds too, there's some superb freestyle ideas in the VF34 entries.

Well done to all entrants and thanks for participating. Stay tuned for the VF34 prize draw - coming soon!

VF34 videos available

A modest 13 entries this round, but some superb freestyle flying on display - it should be a highly competitive round! Visit the current round area to view the set of video entries.

Entrants, please download the VF34 score sheet and submit your completed form via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 6th May. Good luck everyone!

IMPORTANT: Gabriel Barrioneuvo's entry was mistakenly left out of the initial Youtube playlist, video zip file, and score sheet. This mistake has now been fixed - entrants, please revisit the set of videos and re-download the score sheet so that you've got the latest version.

VF34 opens!

Virtual Freestyle Round 34 is now open for entries - see the round details page for important dates and the video submission form. A bevy of great prizes are on offer, and this time there are specific prizes for fliers of open-source design designs, as well as the old-schoolers.

Entrants, please don't forget to meet the rule amendments that followed VF33.

VF34 Poster by Rufus

Important rule changes

Two important rule changes will apply from VF34 onwards. They are:

  1. The flying segment of an entry must be between 60 and 90 seconds. This is a strengthening of the previous rule on time limit, which did not impose a minimum. The minimum flying time is now 60 seconds.
  2. The permissable size of video file for each entry increases from 25 to 30 Megabytes, with a 10% leeway as before. This change is designed to accomodate higher resolution/higher bitrate videos.

Entrants, please revisit the competition rules to get a full understanding of what is required to enter.

VF33 results

VF33 results are now available and it's congratulations to Alex Belov who takes out the top spot! Some extremely close competition in the top half, with just 1.5 raw score points between third and fifth place.

This is Alex's third consequtive win and sixth overal win in the VF format.  Check out the recently updated Hall of Fame for a complete history of VF winners.

Stay tuned for the VF33 prize draw - coming soon.

VF33 videos are up!

An excellent turnout for VF33 - 19 entrants from many different places around the globe!

As per the previous round, I have not disqualified any entries.

  1. One entry pushes the flying time limit beyond 94.5 seconds. The excess few seconds do not contain much in the way of score-boosting flying.
  2. One entry has an out-of-frame issue, but does not show signs of cut-and-join video editing.
  3. One entry has a disjointedness which appears to be dropped video frames during a camera zoom.
  4. One entry is only 25 seconds long. While this is not against the current VF rule set, it is clearly less challenging to prepare a 25 second clip of unedited flying than it is to fly the full 90 seconds. VF rules will be amended (prior to VF34) to specify a minimum flying time.

I ask that entrants subjectively adjust your scores with respect to such issues. If you believe that an entry gained unfair advantage from an issue, please penalise your scores for that entry accordingly.

Navigate to the current round page to view the videos, and for entrants, download the VF33 scoring sheet. Entrants, please submit your score sheet via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by the 29th August.

VF38 entries due 31.5.2022 12:00 VF38 entries closed!