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Round 23 scoring begins

The scoring period for VF23 has now commenced - entrants, please submit your score sheet by the 24th of June.  The score sheet and round's video entries can be found here.

VF23 begins

Virtual Freestyle Round 23 is now open for entries!

Please see the Round 23 section for information about important dates.  Start flying because Lumo Kites has very generously donated two kites for this round!


Round 22 results

The results of VF 22 are now online - congratulations to Alex Belov!  Stay tuned for prize draw news coming soon...

VF22 scoring underway

VF22 entries are now available here and the scoring period is well underway.  Entrants - be sure to return your scoring sheet by 18/3/2012!

Round 22 begins!

VF22 Poster


Virtual Freestyle Round 22 is now up and running!

Please see the Round 22 section for information about important dates and the prizes on offer.

VF21 results announced!

The results of VF21 are now online!  Stay tuned for more news on the prize draws for this round.

VF39 scores due 14.4.2023 12:00 VF39 scoring closed!