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VF36 results are out

The results of VF36 are now online! The overall quality of entries this round was great and the raw score values reflect that across the board. Less than one point separates 4th and 5th, and is just over four points between 2nd and 3rd. Lots of close competition between most of the other ranks too.

Many thanks to everyone who entered - it's your entries that make this great online competition and help it grow. Thanks also to the prize donors, and to Kite Clique which generously offered to help solve our hosting problem.

Prize draw to follow over the next week, stay tuned...

VF36 entries released

A set of 12 superb entries for VF36 is now available at this location! Great to see some names from the very early days of VF making a return to the competition. The overall quality of flying continues to improve with each new round - good job all!

A few notes for those scoring:

  • The flying segments of Antonio Contratista and Kostantin Ratsos run beyond 90 seconds. When scoring all entries, consider only the first 90 seconds of flying.
  • The entries of Todd Turner and Wouter Eskens have moments where the kite is out-of-frame. While these are honest mistakes, scorers might elect to penalise the entry's scores at their discretion.
  • Gabriel Barrionuevo begins his routine with a yoyo launch which is within the rules because the move begins with both wingtips on the ground.

Entrants, please download the VF36 score sheet and return it (with your name in the filename) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible.

VF returns with Round 36

Dust off those linesets 'cos VF is back for Round 36 and it's going to be a big one! Freestylers have 85 days to submit their entry and be part of the fun of our online freestyle competition. The prize pool is just starting to come together; please email theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are able to support VF36 with a prize - all contributions are greatly appreciated!

Click through to the round details page for all of the details.

VF36 Promo Picture

VF35 results are up!

 The results of VF35 are now online! Once again we have some very close scores between the placings - only a few points between 2nd and 4th, barely a smidge between 5th and 6th, and just over one point between 7th and 8th. Overall, a high level of flying was on display this round with some very tough competition.

Thanks to all participants for making the round an excellent one, and to everyone who donated a prize for the round. It's you who make VF the great competition that it remains today. The prize draw will follow shortly - see the Virtual Freestyle Facebook group for details.

VF35 videos released

We've had a great response to VF35, with 15 entries and some top flying on display. Click through to the current round area and feast your eyes on the VF35 entries. Well done VFers!

There's some fancy video encoding among this set of entries, so for those of you who download the offline video set, I strongly recommend using VLC media player (free) software to view them.

Entrants, please download the VF35 score sheet and submit your completed form via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by 31st January. Good luck to all!

It's time for...VF35!

Virtual Freestyle returns with style in Round 35! This round will be open a little longer than usual because of the way it runs through the holiday and new year season. The round is already shaping up to  be an exciting one, with lots of support from our Facebook group and some superb prizes on offer. The top prize this round is a FlyKites Voyager 0.8 indoor/outdoor glider (pictured below).

FlyKites Voyager 0.8

Special thanks to VF's artist Rufus who has once again created some great promotional artwork! VF merchandise can be purchased from Rufus' Society6 online store.

Don't forget that there were some rule amendments following VF33 - please be mindful of the changes when putting together your entry!

VF35 Poster

VF38 entries due 31.5.2022 12:00 VF38 entries closed!