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Important dates

Virtual Freestyle Round 14 has now closed.

Entry closing date: 25/10/2009

Scoring closing date: 11/11/2009


The videos of this round are:

Name Download link File size (MB) Streaming available
Davide Equizzi 6.4
Mike Fogg 25.8
Adam Pollit 25.0
Bryan Beasley 3.3
David Hearn 3.6
Carlo de Rond 4.8
Thomas Kippel 5.4
Lanto Spooner 4.7


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The results of this round are:

Name Position
Davide Equizzi 1
Mike Fogg 2
Adam Pollit 3
Bryan Beasley 4
David Hearn 5
Carlo de Rond/Thomas Kippel 6
Lanto Spooner 7


There were no prizes awarded for this round.