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Important dates

Round start date: 17/05/2014

Entry closing date: 07/07/2014

Scoring closing date: 16/07/2014


The full set of VF29 entries, including the score sheet, can be downloaded here (212.9MB).  Score sheet available separately here.


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The results of this round are:

Name Position Raw score Normalised score
Thorsten Axmann 1 190 100
Vitjo 2 187 98.4
Alex Belov 3 177 93.2
Krijn Hemminga 4 164 86.3
Gabor Nagy 5 142 74.7
Tom Patterson 5 142 74.7
Gabriel Barrionuevo 6 126 66.3
Gerardo Fisanotti 7 119 62.6
Dihong Shao 8 114 60.0
Yan Spooner 9 107 56.3
Dario Paladino 10 99 52.1
Sean Dix 11 81 42.6



  • Alex Belov won a Prism Zephyr, generously donated by Prism Kites, awarded to the best entrant flying a Prism kite.
  • Tom Patterson won a VF29 T-shirt, generously donated by Rufus. Drawn randomly from all entrants.
  • Dario Paladino won a pair of Benson straps with miniature carry bag, generously donated by Benson Kites. Drawn randomly from all entrants.
  • Dihong Shao won a VF29 mug, generously donated by Skippy. Drawn randomly from all entrants.

Note: each entrant may only win one prize. The winner of a prize draw will be removed from subsequent VF29 prize draws.