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Important dates

Round start date: 19 February 2018

Entry closing date: 24 April 2018

Scoring closing date: 6 May 2018

VF34 Poster


The full set of VF34 entries can be downloaded here (300MB) or viewed in a separate tab/window as a Youtube playlist. The score sheet is available separately here.



The results of this round are:

Name Position Raw score Normalised score
Alex Belov 1  191.40 100.00
Ronald Kuijpers 2 190.80  99.69
Adrien Gauteux 3 189.80  99.16
Carlo de Rond 4 187.20  97.81
Antonio Contratista 5 180.50  94.31
Garajau Seixal 6 177.10  92.53
Krijn Hemminga 7 176.50  92.22
Iftah Burman 8 160.30  83.75
Konstantin Ratsos 9 157.00  82.03
Gerardo Fisanotti 10 151.40 79.10
Gabriel Barrionuevo 11 149.00 77.85
Alan LeMoigne 12 125.50 65.57
Chris Tuttle 13 77.30 40.39


  • A custom VF34 mug, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the round winner.
  • A Day & Night open-source street kite, generously donated by Micha Lando, awarded randomly from all entrants.
  • A one-off design IckyTV OSTK T-shirt, generously donated by IckyTV, awarded randomly from entrants flying an open-source kite design.
  • A Phantom enamel pin (badge), donated by Virtual Freestyle, awarded to the top ranked entry flying a kite released Y2K or earlier.
  • A set of SKD/VF stickers, generously donated by Sportkitedesign, awarded randomly from all entrants.
  • A custom VF34 fridge magnet, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded randomly from the bottom half of ranked entries.
  • Keyring-sized fabric feathers, generously donated by Addict Kite Mag, awarded randomly across all entrants. Four to be awarded; one feather each.

Day and Night open-source kiite

VF34 mug & fridge magnet 

 Phantom enamel pin  IckyTV T-shirt 

 SKD Stickers  Addict Kite keyring feathers

VF37 scores due 14.10.2020 12:00 VF37 scoring closed!