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Important dates

Round start date: 14 July 2019

Entry closing date: 7 October 2019

Scoring closing date: 17 October 2019

 VF36 Promo Picture


The full set of VF36 entries can be downloaded here (298MB) or viewed in a separate tab/window as a Youtube playlist. The score sheet is available separately here.


The results of this round are:

Name Position Raw score Normalised score
Carlo de Rond 1 173.5 100.00
Alex Belov  2 162.6 93.72 
Antonio Contratista  3 158.4 91.30 
Garajau Seixal  4 154.1 88.82 
Lars Fakkeldij  5 153.4 88.41 
Wouter Eskens  6 148.8  85.76 
Todd Turner  7 146.3  84.32 
Iftah Burman  8 143.7  82.82 
Andre van den Brink  9 136.5  78.67 
Krijn Hemminga  10 132.3  76.25 
Konstantin Ratsos  11 132.0  76.08 
Gabriel Barrionuevo  12 122.9  70.84 


  • VF36 mug, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the round winner.
  • Telica sail (tricks installed/pre-flown), generously donated by IckyTV, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • VF mouse mat, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the freestyle artiste - the entrant with the highest total artistic score.
  • VF fridge magnet, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded randomly across all entrants. Two to be awarded.
  • VF monkey plush toy, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the entrant voted VF36 People's Choice. All members of the VF Facebook group will be eligible to vote.
  • Postcard with personalised message, awarded randomly across all entrants. Four to be awarded.

VF36 group prizes

Telica sail