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Important dates

Round start date: 21 June 2020

Entry closing date: 1 October 2020

Scoring closing date: 14 October 2020

VF37 promo


The full set of VF37 entries can be downloaded here (341MB) or viewed in a separate tab/window as a Youtube playlist. The score sheet is available separately here.


The results of this round are:

Name Position Raw score Normalised score
Lars Fakkeldij 1 211.10 100.00
Carlo de Rond 2 192.20 91.05
Antonio Contratista  3 191.30 90.62
Garajau Seixal  4 180.60 85.55
Alex Belov  5 180.50 85.50
Ronald Kuijpers 6 176.90 83.80
Konstantin Ratsos 7 175.00 82.90
Krijn Hemminga 8 169.00 80.06
Demna GrĂ¼ning 9 161.80 76.65
Pawel Abramowicz 10 158.40 75.04
Iftah Burman 11 153.50 72.71
Gabriel Barrionuevo 12 147.50 69.87
Andre van den Brink 13 138.90 65.80


  • VF37 mug, generously donated by Alex Belov, awarded to the round winner.
  • VF37 puzzle, awarded to the entrant with the longest continuous trick sequence.
  • Wooden fridge magnet with laser engraving, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • Major prize from the set of available offerings below (all pre-owned), chosen by a winner drawn across all entrants. Postal costs to be covered by the winner if they live outside of Australia. The winner can decline the prize, at which point a different winner will be drawn.
    • Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.3 standard
    • Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.1 standard
    • Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.1 UL
    • Cavaliers du Ciel Shiva standard
    • Level One JTM standard
    • Level One JTM vented
    • Prism Roll-up bag
  • A bundle of handles, gloves and hat, generously donated by Garajau Seixal, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • An IckyTV T-shirt, generously donated by IckyTV, awarded randomly across all entrants.
  • Postcard with personalised message and KiteAddict keychain feather, awarded randomly across all entrants. Three to be awarded.

 VF37 prizes